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Who is J&J Petite Boutique???

Posted on 08 August 2016

Hello beauties & welcome to our J&J Petite Boutique blog.
We’re so excited that you’re here!
So who is J&J Petite Boutique? We’re glad you asked!
J&J Petite Boutique is a new online boutique specializing in trendy, high quality, affordable apparel for petite women. “Petite” is considered to be 5’4” and under in the fashion industry. But don’t worry, if you’re over 5’4” there are also many items on our site that would work for any height, especially our shoes, accessories, and handbags. 
In the United States alone, there are roughly 48.7 million women who are considered to be petite, and yet you rarely hear of businesses who either sell or specialize in petite clothing. J&J is here to change that.
The owners, Jennifer and JoLynda (hence the J&J in the name, who also happen to be petite themselves), decided to open a boutique where other petite women can find clothes specifically for the petite frame, due to years of trying to find clothes that actually fit. 

J&J Petite Boutique is a mix between current fashion trends as well as pieces that reflect the owners' personal style.  J&J hand-selects apparel and accessories that are a perfect mix of preppy, bohemian, girly, and edgy; So there’s something for every kind of girl.
Here at J&J we look for pieces that can be mixed and matched with other pieces in the online store, creating an endless amount of different looks. Our ultimate goal is to make shopping enjoyable for the millions of petite women that struggle finding clothing that fit and flatter their petite frame, while keeping up with the ever-changing trends. So say goodbye to the days of sacrificing style for a great fit; here at J&J, we believe in both.
Finding the perfect items for J&J takes time, patience, and hard work. We do not just pick something based off of how cute it looks online or in a catalog, but we diligently research the companies and the items based on the quality of the material, the way it would fit, and the need for it in the petite community.  We gather our petite clothing inventory from direct manufacturers which means we are specifically manufacturing our own pieces, plus we are currently working with various wholesale clothing companies who already sell petite sized clothing. That being said, there are some items you will only be able to find here at J&J Petite Boutique, which makes us stand out from all the other boutiques.
So why choose to shop J&J Petite Boutique? J&J Petite Boutique is helping to take the guesswork out of finding clothes that fit and flatter petite women. On our site, there are many items that feature an “extra short” length option, allowing you to feel confident when you click “add to cart” that your new maxi will fit just right.
We hope you love our clothing and accessories as much as we do! Happy Shopping!
P.S. Be sure to join the J&J Petite Community at the bottom of our homepage under “connect” by signing up and gaining access to special promotions, fashion tips, early access to sales, notifications of special events, and so much more.




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