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Meet Our Models: Rachel Casey

Posted on 09 September 2016



Hello lovelies and welcome back to our blog!


Today we’re starting a brand new series titled “Meet Our Models” where you get to learn a little bit about each of our models, discover their own personal style, and learn some of their petite fashion tips and styling tricks.


Meet model Rachel Casey.

Rachel is currently a senior at Purdue University, where she is studying Law and Society and Forensic Science.  She hopes to work for a large event facility in a big city and work for their security department, in the near future.


Rachel loves to dance, cook, and shop. She’s also a runner and just enjoys fitness in general. She considers herself to be an avid movie watcher as well!

One of her favorite places to visit is Nashville, TN, because Rachel is a huge country music lover. Her favorite season is fall, but who doesn’t love the perfect weather and fall attire?

When Rachel heads to Starbucks you can be sure she’ll be drinking a Cool Lime Refresher, because she adores anything lime flavored. And one thing Rachel can’t live without is her puppy; she’s kind of dog-obsessed.

Rachel describes her personal style as casual, yet girly and cute! She loves the simplicity of dresses and how you can either dress them up or down depending on how you style it.  Throw on a T-shirt dress and sandals for a casual look, or add some wedges to a floral dress for a perfect night out look.

“I love all things striped, and who doesn't love a good romper to wear out with your friends? I'm a short girl (obviously) so I definitely love finding unique wedges to wear when I'm trying to dress up my outfits!”



Rachel’s Petite Styling Tip: “I've noticed that when things are high-waisted, they make my legs look a lot longer. Plus, I always tuck my shirts in because they are 9 times out of 10 waaaay too long. I also think that it is much easier to find dresses that fit us as petite women, as opposed to pants and shirts that are sometimes just not made for shorter girls. Wedges are definitely a short girl's friend too!" 




Although that may be true at most stores, you will never have to worry about whether or not our pants, shirts, dresses will fit you as a petite girl, when shopping with J&J Petite Boutique! ;)



Rachel’s Measurements:

Hip: 30”

Waist: 25”

Bust: 30” A Cup

Inseam: 27”

Height: 5’2”



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  • Fatima: May 01, 2017

    Hello, I consider myself to be petite. I have gain little weight, but am still short (5’3.5"). In regular sizes I wear an 8, bust 33.5 in C/D bras and hips are 40. From the clothing you have in stock, I wanted to know if I am considered petite and what size would you recommend.

    Thank you very much.

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