Blanket Scarf 101 | How to Wear One, 3 Different Ways

Posted on 19 December 2016

Hello Gorgeous & Welcome Back!

Today we're talking all things blanket scarves! We are totally obsessed with blanket scarves! 

Blanket Scarves have become all the rage these last few years, totally a top trend; And the color possibilities are endless!

One thing that's not so great about blanket scarves though, is the abundance of all the fabric, which is a definite problem for us petites! BUT our blanket scarves are specifically designed with YOU in mind! Our blanket scarves are about half the weight and fabric of most, but still provide all the warmth! Perfect for us petite gals!!

So how do you rock the ever-popular blanket scarf? 

Well, the styling possibilities, too, are endless. 

The Classic Way: 

A blanket scarf totally makes a statement! Throw one on over any sweater or top, and you've got an entire outfit!
You could be wearing the most plain top in the world, and your blanket scarf would totally amp it up! 
To tie it the "classic" way:
Grab your scarf and fold it in half to create a triangle, then grab the two ends (one in each hand), hold the scarf up to your neck, cross the two end pieces behind your neck and pull them forward, let them drape in the front on either side of the larger part in the middle. 

To rock your blanket scarf for a little extra warmth: 


For this look, we went a little more for warmth than for looks, but it's still completely cute!

We've thrown on our Reagan Black Ski Vest on our model with our blanket scarf wrapped tightly around her neck, to keep her warm! She's totally warm with the blanket scarf wrapped around her neck, but still super adorable!

She's rocking black from head to toe, with a pop of color with the blanket scarf! 

All you have to do for this style, is throw on your favorite coat or ski vest, zip it up as high as you'd like, and then fill in the open space around your neck with your beautiful blanket scarf, wrapping it around your neck as many times as it'll go! LOVE!

Purchase the ski vest here: (

Blanket Scarf Wrap:

Oh, hello, gorgeous!

We're OBSESSED with styling a blanket scarf like this!

Our model is rocking black from head to toe again, with a pop of color with her blanket scarf, only this time her scarf is being worn as wrap.

This has become an ultra-popular style trend lately, and we are totally on board! 

It's simple; Take your blanket scarf, fold it in half to form a triangle, and drape it around your shoulders, and voilà! An adorable wrap accessory!

*Petite Styling Tip* Some blanket scarves are longer than others, especially if you did not purchase it on ;), so if that's the case, you can belt a thin belt around your waist to synch your blanket scarf wrap around your waist for another look, which will help you not be overwhelmed in all the fabric! AND will be completely adorable!

Purchase our "petite" blanket scarves here:

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